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Capture Unencrypted .vob File From Hard Disk Results In Application Freeze



I am having a problem capturing content from a legal and unencrypted .vob files using the Capture utility (launched directly from the main Roxio "control dashboard" or launched from within Videowave).


When I select "capture DVD from hard disk" the next window appears (with browse for files, etc) and starts to load thumbnails from the vob files that are located in the VIDEO_TS directory. About 1-4 seconds after the thumbnails begin to load the application freezes. After the freeze happens the CPU is not being taxed by the application so the PC is probably not trying to process the information. I have left the PC running for up to 18 hours to verify the PC is not just processing the data in the vob file - its genuinely frozen. Further, I cannot end the Videowave process when this happens - it requires a reboot to close the window and end the process. EMC 7.5 states very clearly that it supports unencrypted .vob editing so theoretically this should work.


Anyone have any help on how to fix this problem?


Notables: I have Easy Media Creator 7.5 installed on my machine and fully updated to version I am running Windows Media Center Edition 2005 Rollup 2 fully updated with all MS updates. PC is a 2.4 Ghz P4 w/HT, 1GB RAM, nVidia GeForce FX 5200. PCI slots loaded with Sound Blaster Audigy, ATI TV Wonder Elite, ATI HDTV Wonder Elite. I have defragged my hard drive, run / cleaned using ad-aware, and renamed the media collections database (so Roxio created a new one from scratch).


I have also tried to rename the .vob files to .mpg which allows me to edit the files in Videowave (instead of capturing), but subsequent re-encoding to any alternative file format results in soundtrack problems (feedback / synchronization problems) so this does not appear to be a good solution unless someone can tell me how to cirumvent the audio issues apparently inherent this method.

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