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Weird Problem



I'm encountering a problem that's driving me nuts. I'm using an older mac, a dual 450 gigabit ethernet with 2 gb ram and a TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S202N optical media drive. Because of children not properly caring for our DVD's, over the last few days I've been backing up some standard household dvd player discs with the menus and extra features removed to protect the original copy. I've been using the latest version of ripit and mac the ripper to copy the discs to my HD, then burning the discs originally using Toast 9, but now using dvd2oneX V 2.4 and just recently Toast 10.


The problem I'm encountering is this, the original ripped copy made by Ripit invariably plays fine off of my harddisk by adding a .dvdmedia extension to the folder and loading the folder using DVD Player. If I load this folder into DVD2onex using the "make a movie copy or join multiple files" option or using the video_ts folders or dvd options in toast. Naturally, both DVD2onex and toast have to change a rearrange the files from that which is on the original disc, because some of the features have been removed and sometimes some compression is needed as well even after removing extra features.


The problem originally started to appear when I'd use mactheripper to rip the discs, about half the time, the copy mactheripper put on my harddisk would play fine, but when I'd go to burn it it would burn incredibly slow no matter how many times I'd try to burn the copy and the copy would be unplayable. Toast would give speeds that are in the normal range, but I wouldnt hear the drive spinning except during the lead in and lead out portions. Toast 9 unusually wouldn't list the average burn speed or sometimes even the remaining time indicator but these are present in toast 10. When I'd look at the disc itself it didn't appear to have any evidence of being burned at all. The only remedy I found that would work would be re-ripping the disc one to two more times to get a copy that would burn fine. Although the copy would never burn, toast seemed to have no problems saving a working copy as a disc image. I started using ripit and this solved the problem in this form, but the problem still persists in another form.


Invariably, when I go to burn a copy either from either one of the newly burned copies of a dvd created by toast or dvd2onex or a disc image created by either, where the extra features have been removed and/or compressed, the same problem occurs. I can only burn the original unaltered copy, but when I try to burn one of the streamlined copies made by toast or dvd2one the same problem occurs. The slow burning even happens when I simply try to copy the data to a disc using osx. This is making no sense to me, that toast is having trouble burning a disc image to a disc which it created itself but if the burning involves altering an original disc by removing extra features and/or compression there isn't any problem. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?


PS When I say burns slow, I mean an estimated time of about ten hours, as opposed to about 15 minutes that happens normally.

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I'm sorry but Roxio doesn't allow us to discuss issues involving ripped commercial DVDs in its forums. I'm wondering how your older Mac meets the minimum system requirements for Toast 10. Still, it should work with Toast 9. I haven't encountered the issue you are having.

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