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Tivo Transfer Not Found





I have OS 10.4.11. I just downloaded Toast 9.0.7a, which I *think* is the latest version that works on that OS.


My problems: 1) it keeps prompting me to download a new version of the software; and 2) every time I try to open the Tivo Transfer under Extras, a box pops up. "Tivo Transfer could not be opened because it could not be found."


Any ideas? Have I downloaded a bad file? Or am I just doing something patently stupid? Is there a tutorial for this thing?



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-Open original zipped Toast 9 app.

-Double click Toast 9 Titanium

-Control click (right click) \' Toast Titanium icon \'

-Click \' Show Package Contents \'

-Double click \' Contents \'

-Double click \' Resources \'

-Double click \' TiVoTransfer.tar.gz\' to unzip the file.

-after unzipping the file under Resources folder choose the TiVo Transfer icon.

-Select the file then drag the file inside Toast 9 Titanium folder.


I have attached the file as well. I hope this helps. Good luck.

TiVoTransfer.tar v9.gz

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Are you sure you dragged the Toast Titanium folder to the Applications folder from the window that mounted after download was finished, and then launched the copy of Toast that is inside that folder. It sounds like you may be launching the Toast application from the mounted download rather than a version copied to your applications folder.


If you are launching the one copied into your applications folder and getting this message then something else is wrong but I don't know what that might be. It is possible to launch the TiVo transfer application the first time by control clicking on the Toast application and choosing Show Package Contents. The TiVoTransfer.tar.gz file is in the Resources folder. Have Toast open when you launch it. After it is opened the first time an icon appears in the Toast Titanium folder for opening it in the future.

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