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Compressing A File..



So i managed to convert video files from AVI into mpeg-2 but the size went from about 350MB into 3.7GB. This is only a 40 min episode and I'm unable to burn more then on episode into a disc at a time..is there anyway to lessen the size so I can get more then one episode on a disc at a time?



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The general rule of thumb for conversion to DVD (playable on a set-top box) is (for good quality)


1 hour of video = 1 standard DVD


Obviously with a dual layer disc you will get longer, but you have to keep in mind that .avi files are highly compressed

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Keep in mind that your non-standard solution of a Player relies on hardware that may not always be available…


I have had 7 DVD Players since 1997 and not a single one of them will play anything but DVD Movies…


On the other hand, at least you would have the files on disc even if the hardware you need disappears!


Can't say that about my LaserDisc Player :lol:

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There are over 3500 DVD players which have been certified as able to play DivX AVIs, but there are hundreds of uncertified models which play DivX and other types of AVI files just as well as the uncertified ones.


Now that Sonic has acquired DivX, it is expected that this ability will become standard on hundreds more models of DVD player.


You can look up "DivX certified" models on the DivX site here or just check out Walmart as Gary recommended.

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