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Easy Vhs To Dvd



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I "shoot" but that usually involves quantities of gunpowder… :lol:


The board is acting funny this morning and will not let me post a picture, maybe I am over my limit :o So this will be a Text Only answer…


Right click on the background and pick Edit Menu Background.


This will take you to VideoWave like editor where you can Export As and save it somewhere…


These menus are usually short, less than 10 seconds for this one, but that should get you on your way ;)

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Hi everyone.


I was wondering if it is possible to copy one of the menu style options and insert it into one of my movies.


The Serenity menu style would be great for a quick shoot in the movie I am making.



Yes or No depending on your Version of V2D…


201B = NO


The Rest = Yes


If you have The Rest need more details…

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