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Bad Quality On Captured Video






I just got Easy VHS to DVD for Mac and tested capturing a 2 hrs video with the High Setting.

The captured video quality is not as good as I expected.


I have tested the same casette using another cheap device

EasyCap DC60+ which captures in uncompressed AVI format. I then encoded it to MPEG4 using Handbrake, and it is much better.

The disappointing thing is that it produces better quality than this more expensive device.


I have also tested recording the video direct to a Sony DVD recorder with the VHS player as input source, that is also

much better.


I am using version: 1.0.3 MAC


I think the VBR 6 mbps MPEG2 encoding bitrate is not very efficient.


Is there any way to capture in uncompressed format? Is this possible with the Windows version?


I am considering to return the product.

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I have sent it back for exchange to the PC version.

I hope it provides better quality with the DV-AVI setting.


The reason I do not use the Sony device is that it can record max 1 hour of full quality before you need to change DVD-R disc again. You also have to sync it so recording again starts from the right place. So it is a tougher process than capturing the whole video at once.

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Is your objective to make video DVDs from the captured video? If so you should compare the quality of the other device after the video has been converted to MPEG 2. Add one of those AVI's to the Toast video window, set up the menu the way you want and have Toast make it into a DVD. Then compare the quality on a TV rather than a computer display. If you compare on a computer be sure to view in actual size.


Since you have a Sony DVD recorder why did you get the Roxio device? What are you wanting to create that the Sony recorder doesn't do?

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