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Ivan your post states this...


Hi All,


It seems there is a little confusion on the functions for Creator 2010 High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-In and Blu-ray Playback Plug-In.


Creator 2010 High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-In, which is included in Creator 2010 Pro, would allow the user to author Blu-ray disc and watch it with set top Blu-ray player and Playstation 3. It does not give the user ability to watch Blu-ray movies with CinePlayer.


Creator 2010 Blu-ray Playback Plug-In would allow the user to watch Blu-ray movies with CinePlayer. It is not included with any of our current product.






Does the plug in require a blue ray player or will it work on a dvd player? I am using 2010 pro version, and my DVD player will not play a BD with the plug in.

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