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Can't Capture From Commercial Dvd



I'm in Video Copy and Convert. When I select Movies I browse to my DVD drive. It shows the movie I wish to convert. However, after I select the media the OK button never becomes un-grayed. It won't let me select the media I wish to convert. I've selected drives, media, chapters etc. If I'm in web video and start viewing video, the add button never becomes ungrayed. Any ideas?



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I thought the whole point of the software was to make a copy that I can play on my iPod.

No it is not!


Now there are some provision to do just what you want, however…


All legal schemes involve installing some sort of checking software on your PC… For example, you can download-install a program from Apple that will let you download movies onto your iPod.


Likewise if you Buy some BD or DVD Movies they include a link to download-install software that will allow your to place a copy of that movie on your PC or iPod.


Netflicks, Qflix, CinimaNow, Blockbuster and bunch of others have some ways to do this too, but all have software that monitor and limit your use.


But otherwise, not going to happen!


Even if you "buy" a DVD you do not own any rights to the copyrighted material on that disc.

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