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Metadata For Automatic Tivo Toast Exports Is Incorrect And Messy

Aidan Dwyer


The file naming & associated metadata when automatically converting TiVo tranfers to another format is extremely messy. For example an episode of scrubs will be titled "Scrubs_My_Way_Home_WPIX_1018282", when it should be called "My Way Home" and "Scrubs" the show name. Everytime a recording auto transfers it will be seen as a different series.


However, when a user manually adds the tivo recording to the convert window in toast, the show title, episode name and brief description are all preserved in the correct place.. nice and tidy. This defeats the "auto transfer" concept which was promised when the software was sold.


I have found a number of other users talking about the same thing:






and section 4 here:




The first thread I mentioned began almost 3 years ago.


Please can Roxio provide a fix for this seamingly simple problem.. The metadata the Tivo is providing is right, just not making it into the final file..

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