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Video Clip Duration Problem (Videowave)





I used Videowave to rip my home video. After this I had a folder full of large avi files, one for each scene. This is fine. They all play ok in VLC or Media Player.


I've imported these into a new Videowave production and the majority are fine but a small number are giving me a problem. Their duration in Videowave is only about 0.4 second, while in Media Player or VLC, the whole clip plays to its original length of 1 minute or so. I've tried removing the clip and dragging it back in again but the duration still wrongly says 0.4 seconds.


I don't know why the majority of clips are fine but these few are not and yet all clips play fine in an external media player so Roxio must've encoded the clips ok when I imported my MiniDV tape.


I can't so far find any mention of this problem happening before online. Can anyone offer any suggestions please? I could try importing my tape again but typically, I can't find it!


Thanks in advance for any help.


Gareth, UK

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