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Pictures That Go From Download Of Digital Camera Into Cyberspace

Rosie n Allen


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I was downloading my pictures AS USUAL onto my hardrive and when it was complete, my pictures were NOT there. I have looked into EVERY file and I cannot find them. These are Family Reunion Photos that CANNOT be re done! What can I do if anything?


Did you do a windows search for the file extension? Look at some old file to see what format the files are and then search. Did you look in the recycle bin? Look in the TMP and TEMP folders.


It sounds like your had the program set to delete all the files from the camera after they download; did you?


What kind of camera? What type of memory does the camera write to? You might want to try one of these. i'm not going to recommend one because I have never used any of them.

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Yes thank you for getting back with us. I have looked in every file including the C and D drive. There was a box to check off to delete photos from device after transfer and I wish I wouldn't have, but I did click that as I normally do. My digital camera is a simple sony and I have had it for about 2 yrs and have never had issues with it. I took a couple of snap shots after and tried again and it downloaded fine. When it was downloading from my camera onto the hard drive, I could see the pointer going in a circle like it was thinking. I did look in the recycle bin and in all the temp files. I have a chip stick in the camera for extra space for the photos but because I checked that box I told you about, they are NOT on the stick either! I am trying the file extention you suggested, but no luck. I think I may have these memories gone and only to keep the experience with us in our minds. I was hoping to pass them along to the rest of the family.

Any other suggestions?

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