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Cd Spin Doctor And Diminishing Time



Hi Guys


Finally got around to transferring some old cassette tapes to digital using CD Spin Doctor. After the initial 'this is not working properly' I finally got it to do what I wanted.


However when digitising the first tape there was some 12+ hours recording time available. Now after 5 tapes I'm down to 9 hours 35 minutes. But I'm not saving these to the hard drive, they are being burnt to CD and the 'Don't Save' option being selected.


So The question I have for you experts out there is where is all my free space and recording time disappearing to? I've checked the default locations that 'Preferences' has recorded and they are empty, Finder says I have 916gb free while CDSD says 835gb. Can someone please give me a clue as to what is happening and why if I'm not saving there is less time and space available.



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I've been successfully using CDSD for a number of months now transferring old tapes and vinyl to digital. I started transferring them to CD's and then importing them to iTunes, but now once CDSD has captured the audio I export it directly to iTunes after topping and tailing and adding the track info. When closing CDSD I choose the option 'don't save'.


I don't save any audio via CDSD or Toast and what started out with a lot of recording time has now diminished to almost zero. Powering up today CDSD says I have only 21:03 of recording time available although it reports 576.26 gb of free space, when it originally started out there was 23 hours plus available (my MacBook has 23:29:27 recording time with only 141.89 gb available). Both the MacBook and iMac are running Snow Leopard 10.6.5 and to all intents and purposes are identical.


I have scanned through the forum replies and the only one that comes close to this issue was from 'Larryg123' last year but no actual solution was listed.


So the question is what will happen to CDSD when it reaches zero recording time left? even though it reports 500+ gb of space available. And how do I continue to use the program?


Any thoughts or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Update to last post......


I've just finished a new recording and had only 16 minutes left. This time I saved the file as it needed to have the filters applied before importing to iTunes. Completed that task and went to start a new recording and I now have 26 hours plus available. I don't know why and if anyone can through any light onto the idiosyncrasies of Toast 10 CDSD feel free.


I have used this process before (saving and filtering) and nothing altered but this time....

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Yesterday, I had the same problem with Toast 10 Titanium Pro and CD Spin Doctor 6.1.2 (on a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini with 2 GB of RAM running Snow Leopard 10.6.5). I followed Roxio's instructions to completely remove all Toast 10 software and reinstalled and restarted, etc., but no help. Interestingly, in the Advanced Settings I noticed that changing the Recording Quality option from CD Quality (the default) to DVD High Quality resulted in MUCH MORE time available (with the same ~50 GB free on the hard disk). See attached screen shots. I switched to Custom Setting of 44100 Hz, 24 bits, 2 (stereo) and made another recording (CDSD correctly showed over 24 hours of recording time available). To my surprise, when I restarted CDSD today (intending to continue to use Custom Settings and report the problem to Roxio), I noticed the CDSD is now showing over 24 hours of time available under the CD Quality setting for Recording Quality. So, for now at least, the problem appears to be fixed for me. Not sure if this is a solution or, if so, why it would be, but thought I would share the results. Hope it helps!




post-91169-073926100 1294337076.jpg

post-91169-018812700 1294337084.jpg

post-91169-082626100 1294337092.jpg

post-91169-020207100 1294337102.jpg

post-91169-036239300 1294337110.jpg

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