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Cannot Convert Tivo Hd Content To Hd Video File



I have Popcorn 4 on my Mac Pro and a HD Tivo Series 3 with HD cable cards. I just realized today that when I use Popcorn Tivo Transfer to transfer an HD show to my Mac and press the "Pop It" button to convert that HD content to a video file, the resulting video file is in unbelievably LOW Resolution (426 x 240). There is no option in the Tivo Transfer app to select output codec, and it does not seem to matter what codec I select in the Popcorn window, it always produces the same extremely low res crud.


I am very disappointed with Roxio. Seems to me the marketing material for Popcorn 4 is misleading at best.


Does it work any better in Toast 10? Or do have I missed some obscure configuration option?

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This is a requirement from TiVo, probably due to some legal wrangling TiVo has had with the TV networks. However, I'm showing 480x360 maximum for my NTSC export. The latest update to Toast 10 now allows 640x480 NTSC. Maybe the next Popcorn update will allow 640x480 as well.


There is a workaround I found to remove the .tivo wrapper from the video file using an application called TiVo Decoder and then Popcorn no longer had the size limitation for converting the resulting .mpg file.

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