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Roxio Customer Care Are Total Disaster!





This is my first post here.


Roxio should take immediate action for this serious problem. Here is what happend:


Few months ago, I wanted to buy DVDit Pro HD, but I wanted to know if it support Arabic subtitles. I contacted the so called customer care and this was my question:


WebTicket 1/6/2010





I would like to buy DVDit Pro HD, but first I need to know if it:

1- Support Arabic Subtitles

2- Support Arabic text in te menus


Waiting for reply ...


Kind regards,

Yasse Saeed





Weeks later, I got this answer:


pquinn 1/7/2010



Dear Yasser,


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care


Unfortunately our Roxio software is not available in the Arabic language. The supported languages that our products are available in are English, French, German or Japanese so you would need to purchase the product under one of these languages.



Roxio Customer Care



Your feedback (good or bad) helps us improve our service and, of course, a pat on the back is always welcome. ;-) Please click the survey link below to let us know how we are doing.

Take the survey!





I was asking about Arabic support in subtitles, and DVD Menu, and he was talking about the user interface of the program!!!

So, I replied with this:


WebTicket 1/7/2010



Thanks for your reply ....


It seems that you did not understand my question!!! I am not talking about the languages of the program (the interface) as I want that to be in English. What I mean is that can add an Arabic text subtitle to video track?!! And can I add buttons in menus with Arabic texts?





The agent replied with this:


jeichholz 1/7/2010



Dear Yasser


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care!


Your query is being investigated and we will provide an update as soon as we receive more information.



Roxio Customer Care






Then they closed my incident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I reopened it, and told them why it was closed, a I was waiting for reply.



The agent replied:


jeichholz 1/13/2010



Dear Yasser


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care


We have received information that Arabic texts are not supported in DVDit!


Please understand that a help ticket closes automatically after 5 days of inactivity. It can however be re-opened at any time by the customer (as you did) by simply clicking on the ticket and responding to it again.



Roxio Customer Care






So, I was waiting for reply, and the ticket closes automatically after 5 days!!!! What a system!!!



Anyway, I latter sent this reply:

WebTicket 1/18/2010





I understand from you that Arabic subtitle text is not supported. I have a software called Avid DVD by Sonic, and it dose fully support Arabic subtitles text!!! I understand that the Avid DVD is a version of Sonic DVDit, so how come it dose not support Arabic if they are both based on the same software?


Looking forward for a clear reply ..


Kind regards,

Yasser Saeed


Then I got this non sence reply:

JTantiado 1/18/2010



Hello Yasser,


Thank you for getting in touch with Roxio Customer Care.


Avid DVD was not developed by Sonic but was bundled with Sonic DVDit and when Sonic Solutions released new updates, it no longer has the Arabic subtitles feature.








So, I replied as follow:

WebTicket 1/19/2010



Thanks for your reply ...


That is very strange!!! Whenever I search the net about Avid DVD, it is always mentioned that Avid DVD is a renamed version of DVDit Pro HD and was developed by Sonic for Avid. Even Avid website confirm that!!! and even the interface is almost identical in both!!


Anyway, why Arabic support was removed in the new updates??!! It just dose not make sense!!!! This is a downgrading!!!!


Looking forward for a reply ...


Kind regards,

Yasser Saeed



Then they replied as follow:

aserry 1/20/2010



Dear Yasser


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care,


DVDit Pro HD and Avid DVD are not the same software and are not supported by the same company our software does not support Arabic. You have not purchased one of our supported products, please direct further queries regarding your Avid DVD software to Avid or alternatively purchase one of our supported software for further support, thank you.




If the information provided does not resolve your issue simply update your webticket with a detailed explanation with the steps you have tried and any error messages you receive.



Roxio Customer Care





So, I want to buy a software from Roxio, and they want me to direct my questions to Avid!!!! WOW .. service can not be any better!!!!!!!!!!!



Anyway, because I had a feeling that the agents do not know what they are talking about, I decide to risk it, and buy the software anyway, and that was two days ago.

I had a serious problem downloading my software, because Roxio do depend on a very un-reliable, and stupid download system. When my first download failed at about 40% of download, resuming or re-downloading was not possible because their system was reporting that I have a download attempts of 28 times when in fact it was the second time!!!


Since, I did not find any phone number to call Roxio or Digital River, I decide to return the software, and place another order. I faced the same problem; my download failed at about 90%, and resuming or re-downloading was not possible because their download system was reporting that I attempted 24 times when in fact it was my 2nd attempt.


Anyway, they reset the system, and I was to finally today able to download my software from the first attempt.

Now, back to the main topic, after installing the software, I found out that IT DOSE INDEED SUPPORT ARABIC SUBTITILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, what do you think guys about what happened with the so called Roxio Customer Care?


Kind Regards,

Yasser Saeed

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Oh my God!! it has been abandoned!!!


Why, and when? And is their a replacment?


Thanks for your warning..


It has not . DVDIt Pro is one of the Flagship products. NBK hasn't a clue what he is talking about.


This is a quote from the Roxio support site



Premium Telephone Support


Roxio provides a premium telephone support option at a rate of $1.89 per minute (US).


We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover. Before speaking with a technician, your card will be authorized initially for up to 15 minutes of service in the amount of $28.35. You will only be charged for the time you are speaking with an agent. No charges will be made until you reach a technician. Please note that the use of this premium service does not guarantee resolution of the issue.


To initiate a premium technical support call, toll-free, 1-866-434-9871


Hours of operation:


Monday - Friday, 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., EST - excluding Roxio holidays.


Flagship Telephone Support


Roxio offers complimentary telephone support for our flagship products within the first 90 days of purchase.


Our flagship products include: Creator 2010, Toast 10 and DVDit Pro HD.

No other versions or products will be supported through this phone number. Please note that the use of this complimentary service does not guarantee resolution of the issue.


To initiate a complimentary technical support call, toll-free, 1-877-793-7471


Hours of operation:


Monday - Friday, 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., EST - excluding Roxio holidays.

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myguggi .. I hope you are right!!!


I found a very old version of DVDit Pro, that is about 5 years old, and it was at version 6.0!! It is very strange that the latest version is still at V6.5!! This kind of support what NBK says!!!!!!


Over 200 read this post, and only 2 replis!!!!! Come on guys .. please say something!!


Thanks in advance ....

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355 views, and only 2 replis!!!! :blink:

What a shame :(


Dont you guys care about customer service quality??!!!


The people that visit here are fellow users just like you, NOT Roxio.


I don,t have the DVDit product, so I cant be of any assistance, maybe another fellow user will come on here and offer some help.


Sales or Customer Service would be best to answer questions about the different version's.

Edited by ogdens
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