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Burned Dvd Can't Be Played On Dvd Player On Tv


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I'm trying to make copies of a DVD created by an unknown mastering system (video/sound recorded at my father's memorial service).


The master DVD has a video_TS directory.


We copied the master onto another DVD-R disc. The video/audio does play in the DVD drive on several computers. It does NOT play on the DVD players connected to two TVs. The images and sound can be accessed, but not via a user-friendly menu control system.


Any insights as to what may be going on and what can solve this problem? What other info do you need?


Thank you so much.



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Did you just copy the Video_TS directory and its contents onto a Data DVD, or did you use a proper DVD copying program?



We did the former. What is a proper DVD copying program? What is the difference?


Also, we'd like to add other data to the DVD with the Video_TS directory (a PowerPoint file, text files, JPG files). Can we do that? We haven't added those files yet, but husband says that's why we did didn't use a DVD copying program.



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Hi Vixie,


There seems to be some difference between the result you get from copying the Video_TS folder and its contents onto a data disc with Creator Classic, and the result you get from using Disc Copier to just copy the DVD.


While the copy made with Disc Copier in Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 will play in all set-top DVD players that can handle burned discs, the data disc made with Creator Classic 6 will only play in some set-top players and most computer DVD drives.


I haven't been able to work out what the magic difference is, since I am in the [un]fortunate position that ALL my DVD players will play CDs/DVDs; pressed or burned or rewriteable; video/audio/data; - just about anything I can throw at them.


I believe there's a feature in Creator 2009 or C2010 where you can dump your source files into a data folder on the Video DVD you're making, but I don't think it can be done in Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.

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