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"Custom Hybrid" does not show Background Image in OSX




So, I have given my "Cutom Hybrid" CD a very sexy background image of my "Temporary Partiioned" mac disc. The background image gives intructions and points with big sexy arrows to my large sexy custom icon.


Only problem is, when I burn the disc and take it to a different Mac, the background image is nowhere to be seen. I read in the Toast 7 "Help" that I CAN create custom background images for MAC and PC versions:


If you are creating a Mac Only or Mac & PC data disc you can customize how the disc appears when accessed in a Mac. You can set a custom icon instead of the generic disc and choose a specific color or image for the main window background instead of standard white.


So, does that EXCLUDE the "custom hybrid" mac and pc version?


It begs the question: What is the point of using "custom hybrid" if you can't build a custom MAC disc? Does it ONLY hide the other files (on PC > hides MAC, on MAC > hides pc?)


I think I am at my whits end here. I have 20 CDs, all burned, lying on my disc, none of them doing EXACTLY what I want.



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Correct. Custom Hybrid is a legacy format (which is hidden by default). Because it is an older format, it doesn't have some of the neat tricks that some of the new formats have.

The reason you may want to use that format is if you wanted to distribute documents or images that are in a rare format. You could write a Custom Hybrid disc so that only the PC portion has an installer for Windows to read the documents/pictures. Only the Mac part of the disc has the Mac installer to read the document/pictures. Then you can set it so that the data is written once on the disc, but readable by both the PC and the Mac.

These days the Mac/PC format gives you basically the same control, so if you want you can just use that format, and use the picture as the background.

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