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Dvd Audio



I have an Acura TL with a DVD Audio car stereo. I have burnt my music onto a DVD through Toast 10 Pro.

When I put the DVD into the player, it ejects it. Does anyone have any ideas as to particular settings I might try

to get it to recognize the DVD?

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This is an email I received from Tech support (below). They state that Toast does burn DVD-A


A Roxio Agent has responded to your ticket! (# 988518 <https://selfserve.roxio.com/safezone/organizer.aspx?culture=en-US&guestuser=1&newticket=&id=> )


Hello Mr. Graves,


Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care.


After reviewing your notes, I understand you're asking if Toast 10 can burn audio DVD.


Toast 10 has this feature. A standard Music DVD can contain over 50 hours of music with Dolby Digital sound. If your recorder supports dual-layer recordable DVDs, you can create a Music DVD with over 100 hours of music.


To make a Music DVD:


1 At the left side of the Toast window, click Audio and choose Music DVD.

2 Choose optional disc settings:

■ Menu Style: Choose the style for the menu background image,text and buttons.

■ Auto-play disc on insert: Select this option to automatically play the first playlist when this disc is inserted into a DVD player. The DVD main menu is not displayed, but is accessible by choosing the MENU button on the DVD player remote control. Some players may not support Auto-Play.

■ Play all items continuously: Select this option to automatically play each playlist on the DVD without first returning to the DVD main menu.

■ Include Shuffle play: Select this option to include a Shuffle button for each playlist and SmartList in the DVD menu. Clicking the Shuffle button when playing this DVD will play the tracks in a random order.

■ Include SmartLists: Select this option to include SmartLists in the DVD menu. SmartLists are automatically generated playlists for all Artists, Albums and Songs on the DVD.


3 Choose the audio encoding format. By default, Toast encodes Music DVDs in Dolby Digital 192 kbps audio. This compresses the audio to maximize disc space to fit over 50 hours of music, but maintains full Hollywood-style fidelity. To change the audio format from Dolby Digital to uncompressed PCM audio, click More and choose the Custom option from the Encoding tab. Choose PCM for the Audio Format. Toast encodes PCM at 48 kHz / 16-bit or 48 kHz / 24-bit levels, which are higher than standard CD quality, and exceed the levels of most songs in your iTunes library. Audio that has been recorded at 96 kHz / 24 bit is downsampled automatically unless you choose the 96 kHz / 24 bit option, which maintains the higher quality but significantly reduces disc space. There are also optional Encoding settings which apply to photo and video content.


4 Add audio files to the disc by dragging and dropping them into the Content Area from your hard disk or the Media Browser. Each group of files you add into the Content Area appears as a playlist. Each playlist will have a button in the DVD menu that you can choose

to play the music. You can duplicate, rearrange, remove or edit playlists. You can also optionally add photos and videos into the Content Area.


5 Insert a blank, recordable DVD.


6 Click the red Record button, choose a recorder from the list, and configure recording options, such as Number of Copies.


7 Click Record to continue.

Toast displays a progress bar and status information as it records your disc.


If you have any questions about the suggestions above or the issue is not resolved, please update this webticket with the steps you have tried and any additional information that may help.





Roxio Customer Care

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This is an email I received from Tech support (below). They state that Toast does burn DVD-A



They are saying what I said. Toast can burn a music DVD which they also called an audio DVD. They do not say it can create a DVD-Audio disc which is a specific and different format. The music DVD burned by Toast is playable on video DVD players. They are not playable on DVD-Audio players unless those can also play video DVDs. Toast's tech support should have been clear on that point.


The following is the first paragraph from How to make a Music DVD in Toast's Help:

A Music DVD can be played in a set-top DVD player or in a Macintosh or a

Windows computer with a DVD player. A Music DVD should not be

confused with a DVD-Audio disc. DVD-Audio discs require a special DVD

player. A Music DVD is a standard DVD that contains music (and can also

contain photo slideshows and videos), has full navigation menus for song

selection, and can be played in any set-top DVD player.

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Toast does not burn DVD-Audio discs. What it can do is burn a "Music DVD" which uses the video-DVD specifications except there is no video, merely still images for each song. Toast's music DVDs should play in any device the plays video DVDs. They do not meet the DVD-A specs however. This probably is why it isn't working in your car's player.

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