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Trouble Installing Program On Win 7 Ultimate 64-Bit



I've been having problems trying to load Easy VHS to DVD into my Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit system.


I do have the most recent version that is compatible with Windows 7.


I go through the steps, plug in the USB unit and as the DVD loads, whenever I get to the "Installing Video Capture USB" portion of the installation, the setup rolls back the entire installation and displays a message that the installation was interrupted and to try again later.


I have no idea what is causing that. Any suggestions?

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The box definitely has the Windows 7 logo on it. (Rev. E)


I saw that there may be an issue with the MSXML 4.0, but I can't make heads or tails on how MSXML works on Windows 7.


Copy the disc contents to a folder you make on your desktop. Run the installation from the .exe file in the folder, do not have the USB Device plugged in when installing...

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