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Cannot Drag And Drop Itune's Files Into Toast



I used to drag and drop iTune's podcast mp3 files into Toast 10'w window to burn a MP3 CD-R.


But I cannot do this since iTune 9.2 and later! (it's OK before 9.1.x)


MacMini C2D 1.83G + OSX 10.6.4 + Toast 10.0.7 + QuickTime 7.6.6 + iTune 9.2.1


Step 0 : launch the Toast 10 and iTune application


step 1: select the podcast MP3 files I want to burn


post-85802-040497400 1279985014.jpg


step 2: Drag the podcast MP3 files I to Toast's window


post-85802-089828900 1279985043.jpg


step 3: NOTHING appeared in Toast's window


post-85802-027228400 1279985061.jpg


I know this would be Apple change something about the drag and drop function after iTune 9.2

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It's OK under Finder


I am experiencing the same thing using Jam 6.03. Noticed it for first time the other day. Can drag files to desktop but not to Jam. It looks like Jam wants to accept the file - the black line illuminates in the playlist window but nothing will drop in upon drag release.

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You need to use the Toast Media Browser to add the podcasts. Choose Audio with the top button of the media browser. Then choose Podcasts with the button just beneath the top button. You will see the list of podcasts that you can drag to the main Toast window.


Your images show you wanting to add the podcasts to the MP3 disc window in Toast. Toast does not encode MP3 so those podcasts will need to be in MP3 format before adding to Toast in order to be an MP3 disc. If all you want is them burned as a data disc (which is what a MP3 disc is) you might choose to add them to the Data window instead.

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