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How To Clean Up Audio From Old Vhs?



I have started the process of copying my old VHS home movies to DVD. I have found that the audio on the oldest tapes is very "tinny" sounding almost to the point of having a static overtone. I have played with the limited choices in the audio editor from within videowave but could not find anything that helped. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to clean this up?



PS...I tried the "Clean Audio" button and it did not do anything noticable.

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Unfortunately Sound Soap will not work directly with mpg2 files. Navigate to the video file you have using Media Manager. Right click and select to extract the audio. It will extract the audio as a wav file. Name it and select the location. Add that file to Sound Soap and let it do its thing. Save the cleaned up audio. Open video wave and add your video, mute the NATIVE audio and then add the cleaned up audio to any other audio track (music, narration, sfx). It should line up. Output that to a mpg2 file for DVD, best quality. Let it render. After it finishes, create a new project in Video Wave with that video. The audio that you added has now become the native audio and you can do all your editing. Do not do any editing without doing this; you will edit the video but not the audio so it will be way off.


If Sound Soap does not do a good job, you might also want to try Gold Wave(pay for program).


If neither work, then the audio is too far gone. I don't know of anything better.

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