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Advice On Media Players (Not The Software Kind)


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Hello all...it's been a while.

I've been toying with the idea of using a media player for watching my videos from hard drive as opposed to burning dvds. Now, I figure if anywhere I can find people with experience in digital video, it's here.

So here's where I'm at. I bought a WD HT tv model and it seemed to work well. I had no trouble watching my .vob files (on a "regular" tv). The only problem I had was reliability. It stopped playing files after a week.

I got a replacement and it died after two days. If you've hung in with my story of woe here, there's a point. And the point is I'd like to ask for advice if anyone here's had any experience with any brand of players, especially

on the reliability front. I've been eye-balling a player by Lacie and another by Argosy which can be purchased with built-in HDs. The first brand I'm familiar with and the second not. Though, brand name doesn't seem to

have mad a difference with my first choice. For the moment, HD video is not a big priority, just simple reliability, ease of use and that it can play pretty much any format though the "standard" ones are more important.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I have an A.C.Ryan "PlayonHD", and have found it works excellently. I bought the basic unit and put my own HD in, although you can get 'mini' ones which don't take a HD and more recently a model with twin tuners that works as a PVR. They're here.


It has network access, HDMI output, and plays anything.




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Hey Brendon! As I said, long time no hear. I actually come by often and read but I haven't had much to say and I'm not really qualified to help people with their problems software-wise.


Anyway, I appreciate the advice..it sure is feature packed. I even found an American reseller not far from me so shipping is reasonable. Thanks.

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