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Does anyone know if Creator 10 can be configured to recognize Canon RAW files to be imported into a production?


Here are some ideas for you:


  • Roxio Creator 2010 Pro came with a photo editing application called "Lightzone". Lightzone supports many camera RAW formats, you can edit your photographs directly in that application, and/or save them out in several formats. If you have the Pro version Lightzone came on a separate disk and needs to be installed in addition to the Creator Suite.
  • Use the software that came with your camera to develop the RAW image into a JPEG.
  • Set your Digital SLR to save both a RAW image and a standard JPEG. The standard JPEG will be small enough that it won't take up too much additional space (compared to the size of your RAW file). The added benefit is that you can put your memory card into a digital frame when you return home and immediately see your images, most cameras store a "standard" JPEG large enough to make a 4x6 print, and you can edit those files when that size is large enough for your purpose (web page, facebook, a print, etc.) Then you'll only need to develop the RAW files when you want a larger sized print, to adjust the exposure(, etc.) or to recover the JPEG when you accidentally overwrite it.

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