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Must Install Roxio Creator Before Installing Content



I have tried every suggestion listed in these forums to install Roxio Creator 2010 Plus on my desktop computer. Nothing seems to work. Here's some info about my install:


1. I am installing from a disc.

2. I am installing on my Dell desktop computer running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit.

3. I have done a clean install repeatedly (per instructions I found on here).

4. My McAfee Security Center was disable during install.

5. I tried installing by copying the disc to my Desktop and installing from there.

6. I ran the Registry Key clean up tool I downloaded from here before trying to installing everytime.


I still keep getting the error that I must install Roxio Creator before installing content.


Isn't there some way I can install Roxio Creator 2010 without the content and once I know it is installed and running correctly, go back and install the content?


I'm about ready to give up.:angry2:

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Yes, that's where I started.


I have uninstalled and removed all Roxio and Sonic stuff from my computer. I have followed all the instructions I found here in these forums on how to completely remove all Roxio programs, files, and registry keys. Now I'm constantly getting a warning saying: Unable to Find a Certificate File. The top of this warning reads: Roxio Media Manager InstallShield. How do I get rid of that? I figured I'd work on fixing that before trying to reinstall Roxio yet again.

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