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When i import a vhs and then burn to dvd the resultant dvd is a very poor pic and freezes. I leave all the settings as standard. Anyone know what i am doing wrong?

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Hi, what Roxio product/application are you using? How are you capturing the video? Are you burning directly to disc or are you using something like Video Wave to edit and then output to Create DVD? What computer do you have? Who is the DVD disc manufacturer? How much time are you trying to squeeze onto a disc (one hour at best quality is a good rule of thumb). When you burn to the DVD are you selecting HQ or fit to disc? Fit to disc is not a very good way to fit more than one our on a disc.


I'm guessing that you are trying to get more than an hour and you are using "fit to disc" --- or you are not using Creator 2010 where you posted ! :o


Now, this can be a Q&A that will drag out ad nausium or you can be a little now talkative about some of the details in addition to answering the questions above.

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