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Creator 2009 Won't Work Now

Robby Robertson

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I purchased Creator 9 in, guess when, 2009. Now, August 2010 and the thing will not work. So, I go to the online support only to be told they no longer support this version and suggest I purchase the 2010 version........ Yea, right. I am sure this will be removed as it I am not prasing the product, just being truthful. And, heaven knows these idiots do not want that!!!


Maybe they could just send me the coupon book for the automobile and I could pay that, too?


H. "Robby" Robertson, II


Melbourne, Florida

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Do you want help from those who are in the forum? If so, post your problem in the correct area with as much information about it as possible. This is a user forum so it's likely that your problem may be the same as others who have asked for help here. A little searching first might help you too.

As far as not 'prasing the product', many folks have knocked the products sold but spending time bashing things isn't going to help you so spend the time working with the good folks here and you may come away happy.

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Easy Media Creator 9 ceased back in 2007 and is now classed as a 'legacy product' so if you bought that in 2009, someone has taken you for a ride.


If you mean Creator 2009, that is a different matter.


By the way - including your e-mail address in any public forum is an invitation to spammers. I'd strongly advise you to edit the post and remove it

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If you have Creator 9, post a message in the EMC 9 forum and we'll come help you.


If you have Creator 2009 you can either:

[1] post a message in the Creator 2009 forum and we'll help you or

[2] go back to Support and tell them you told them the wrong product and you meant Creator 2009, and then they'll help you.

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