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Dvd Will Not Play In Dvd Player



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How do you prevent an error message when trying to play on DVD player. The DVD plays on the computer but not on the DVD Player. I hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.


1) Are you using PhotoShow?

2) What version?

3) How are you getting the file?

4) If you have a video file, it will play on a computer because your computer has the ability to play the file. In order to play that file on a DVD player, it must be authored (all the technical little things that make the disc playable)must be put onto the disc also. You cannot play the disc if you just copy the file to a disc except for special cases (like DivX format files). No current Roxio product will do that conversion from the mpg or WMV file that you have.

5) You must use a program that will author that disc. Roxio has a couple ( Look at this page) not all of them will do what you want.

6) You can also look here for one. I'm not going to make any recommendations.

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