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Roxio Easy Cd Creator 4 .tk2 Files


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I am trying to get some files that are saved to a Roxio Easy CD Creator 4 .tk2 back up file. I only want to open the .tk2 file and see what is in it and take what I need out of it. I do not have the "Roxio Easy CD Creator 4" program disk or the recovery disks. I am using a new computer and it doesn't have a floppy drive anyways. I am using Windows 7. Is there a program I can run on Windows 7 to open and copy files from the .tk2 files. I do NOT want to recover from the whole set of disks I only want certain files.


The files were created in May of 2001. The software came with my computer that I bought in 1999 but I no longer have the computer.



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I'll guess too that ISO Buster or CD Roller won't have any luck. The .tk2 file format was only used by Take Two, the backup application that came with ECDC 4 and 5. If you only want a few files, you'll need a system that has Take Two installed on it, which means a Windows 98, 2000, or XP system. I'm quite certain you won't get Take Two to install on Vista or Win 7, even if you had the discs.


Your only other option would be to run the Restore program and restore the discs you have to a HD, (recovering the whole set) and then you could access the files off that.


One of the hazards of technology is obsolescence, both of the media being used and the application used to create it. Sorry.

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