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"send To Imovie" Toast 10 Conversion Equivalent


What settings in Toast 10 most closely approximate the "Edit with iMovie" conversion that "Easy VHS to DVD" does when you click the "Edit with iMovie" button?


I have several camcorder tapes that I have imported and I used the "Send to Toast" button to burn a DVD. Now I want to go through some of the imported .mpg files and compile several clips from several of the .mpg files using iMovie.


"Easy VHS to DVD" doesn't allow one to REsend (export) a file after the initial import, I wish to use Toast 10 to accomplish the same thing. It seems silly that I would have to transfer the tape a 2nd time just to choose a different "Send to" destination.


All the various format options when converting with Toast require a greater familiarity than I have with such things.


Can anyone help? What option(s) do I choose to duplicate the same result that the "Edit with iMovie" button provides?





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The default AppleTV preset would do nicely except that Toast 10 adds a text track to the converted video which results in iMovie not recognizing it. The text track can be removed with QuickTime 7 Pro but assuming you don't have that it also can be removed by opening the .m4v video in MPEG Streamclip and choosing Save as from the File menu. The text track is removed when it gets saved and it can be imported to iMovie.

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