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Final Copy Too Dark



Hi everyone, Granny here would like a bit of help with converting and copying song (sewing machine song from youtube)

from .flv to DVD and be able to lighten up.

Original is good but created version too dark too see face details.

Also Pictures of family are too dark and verticals were put horizontally and do not know how to put back as vertical.

Using Toast 10 and totally new to any type of conversion software.

Thank you for any help.


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Did you use the Web Video setting in the Toast Media Browser to capture the youtube video? If so, it should be identical to the original. Simply drag it to the Toast Video window with DVD video selected as the format and have Toast make your video DVD. There shouldn't be any change in brightness.


I'm not sure how you added the photos to Toast. If they are vertical in iPhoto there shouldn't be any problem. You can add photos to Toast directly from iPhoto by choosing Photos with the top button of the Toast Media Browser.

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