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Picture In Picture?



Hello, all!


I am considering Toast 10 and an external Blu-Ray burner for my Macbook Pro.


I am using iMovie to merge two concurrently filmed events with one as a picture-in-picture. I have also used Final Cut Pro, but iMovie is so much simpler.


I am shooting 1080p 30 fps with two cameras:

1. Camera One is unmoving, focused on a game clock/scoreboard.

2. Camera Two is following volleyball/basketball action.


In iMovie, I drop in the Camera Two footage. Then I drop the Camera One footage onto the Camera Two footage and choose "Picture in Picture" from the menu. I detach and delete the audio from Camera One footage. I size the clock/scoreboard, move it top right (volleyball) or bottom left (basketball), and it's great.


But, since I am shooting 1080p, I'd like to be able to burn 1080p.


Can Toast 10 do picture-in-picture as described? And, I hope, is it relatively easy?


Looking at the OWC Mercury Pro 10X Blu-Ray Burner+SuperMultiDrive FW800/400/USB2/eSATA + w/Toast Titanium Pro at eshop.macsales.com...


Thanks all.



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