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Roxio Merge?



I made a backup for my Compaq mini which has no disk drive, we stored this on an external hardrive then transfered it to disks.. we split the file into two to fit into two serperate disks.. now I don't know if Roxio will connect the two files automatically while restoring but I can't find any option to select two .SIB files at once..


I don't want to start restoring using the first part incase it doesn't connect the second part and corrupts..


Any help is greatly appreciated xx

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How did you split the file?


Normally if it is a multi disc set then BOT does the splitting and the files are kept track of by the index file.

That tells it what disc to look for the file on.


If you just took a file and split it in half so it would fit on 2 discs then I'd think it probably won't work.


Was this a file backup or a partition backup for Disaster recovery?


If it's a file backup then you may be able to just use Windows Explorer to grab files off the discs.

If it's a recovery set than it probably won't work.

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