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Be Careful Who You Look For


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Hackers know all about celebrity obsession, and will use these Hollywood figures to ambush visitors to "booby-trapped" websites that can infect a PC if a user clicks or downloads the wrong file. That download might include a desktop background, screen saver or video (beware of the nude ones). (Source: telegraph.co.uk)


Hackers could use booby-trapped downloads to install malware onto machines, and from there, steal login and password information, gaining remote access to computers or, in some cases, credit card and bank accounts.

McAfee: Use Caution when Performing Searches


McAfee says it's important that fans of these celebrities use caution when searching for the latest juicy gossip.


Topping the list are Hollywood bombshells Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts, and McAfee says starting a search engine query using one of these celebrities' names, along with several others, could lead to a malware infection.


According to McAfee, someone searching for Cameron Diaz on the Internet has a ten per cent risk of entering a web site known to distribute malware, directly or indirectly. However, she's not the only unknowing celebrity offender. (Source: pcworld.com)

Most Dangerous Search Terms


Topping the list of most dangerous search terms are:


* Cameron Diaz, star of The Mask, Charlie's Angels, There's Something About Mary


* Julia Roberts, the original Pretty Woman


* Jessica Biel, Revlon beauty and movie star


* Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Secret model


* Brad Pitt (not even the ladies are safe. Pitt topped the McAfee list in 2008)


* Adrianna Lima, another, less-known Victoria Secret model


* Jennifer Love Hewitt and Nicole Kidman; the ghost whisperer and the Aussie bombshell tie


* Heidi Klum and Penelope Cruz; another tie, this one involving a model and a Spanish movie starlet


* Anna Paquin, a surprise entry at number ten, she's Canadian-born, New Zealand-raised, and former X-man, Rogue.


Honorable mentions go to Tiger Woods (33 on the list) and Miley Cyrus (44). Tea Partier Sarah Palin (50) came in just behind her hated Democrat rival, Barack Obama (49).


Very surprisingly, pre-pubescent heartthrob Justin Bieber languishes at number 46 on the list.

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