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Transport Stream Conversion



I am trying to convert a .tp file from BTV 4.9 to mpeg. The file is 13 gb. I am using Creator 2010, Video copy and convert. The program remuxes it and the result shows up in the movie window on the left as 0 minutes and 0 seconds long. The resultant conversion is then a file that only shows a black screen when played. I am using Windows 7 premium, Dell Studio 540 with a Quad core processor and 6 gb of memory. Video copy and convert does not give me any error messages. It just does not do the conversion.

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Thanks, I tried Any Video Converter and that worked. The program was recorded by Beyond TV 4.9. Mpeg transport stream is the native recording format. I have a ATI HD TV wonder 650 tuner card. I thought I had used Video Copy and Convert to change this type of file before. I wanted to change it so I could edit out the commercials.


Thanks for the help!

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The file is recorded off the air. It is a movie, but I don't think DRM should be an issue since it was recorded off the air.

You are not forthcoming with information/details… :glare:


Yes DRM is included in recordings from TV. However, if that were the problem, I would expect Creator to say so and not beat around the bush about it!


Did you try the AnyVidoConvert that Steve recommended?


How did you record in TS format? How did you get that to the computer?


You supply the details and we will try our best to get you going ;)

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