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Another Example Of 3D Video



This is a 3D video made with Creator 2011. The original was a PhotoShow (4 by 3) downloaded from the PhotoShow web site as a mpg4 video. The video was put into Edit Video Advanced (Video Wave) and converted to 3D from the 2D format. It was uploaded to a public file directly from Video Wave.


If you have a pair of cyan/red glasses, you should be able to see the 3D effect. If not, you should see the red ghost to the right of the actual part of the image (like a tree) Make sure you have selected the HD (720) option. Once the video starts, you should see the title in 3D; look at the video where it meets the edges of the frame. Once you see the video behind the frame, look at the entire screen. This seems to help me accumulate your eyes to seeing the 3D.


Note that some people will not be able to see the 3D no matter what is tried.


The images and video were help with an Xacti HD hand held mini-camcorder. No, I did not use the Creator facility ot make the video more steady.


Considering that the images and videos were uploaded to PhotoShow as standard definition, converted to mpg4, re downloaded, converted and then uploaded to YouTube, I think it looks pretty good.

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I'm thinking about trying two camcorder project. LOL Use my old Sony 8mm and the CAnon HV20 in DV mode. Hardest part would be starting them at the same time. I've been looking at prices for that new Aiptek 3D camcorder which SRP is $199 and shoots video 720p in 3D or 2D or 5MP still images in both modes.

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I didn’t book mark it, but there was a 2-camcorder 3D project on YouTube…


Problem is less starting them together, snap your fingers for a Cue, but getting them aligned horizontally as well as parallel.


This fellow used identical camcorders mounted on a block of wood and set 4” (100mm) apart. He also found that they did not record at the same rate


Then you need to be able to edit them as side-by-side and adjust them to your starting Cue.


OR… That Aiptek is looking better all the time, $183 @ B&H (My link) ;):lol:


But then, the Aiptek does not include the all important, Tinker Factor :lol::D:lol:

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