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Jvc Gr Hd1 Stops Recording



I am able to capture in standard def via the Roxio USB stick but when I try to capture in HD via fire-wire it stops recording after about one minute (it varies each time)The video keeps running on the camera and the time keeps going but the video freezes on the preview screen.



HP P6112P

Pentium Dual core

8gig memory

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Are there blank areas on the tape? Media Import stops any time there is no video. From what I can find online, that camcorder records in 720p. Does Media Import recognize the file format as 720p?


It recognizes the JVC camera and says 1080 16x9,I am recording my son's football games with 10-20 second records then pause, then 10-20 second record. The only thing I can think of is the time-code at the scene changes.

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I've just read through the GR-HD1 manual online. See page 55 - appears there are 3 recording modes: DV, HD and SD. Which mode did you use? Because you have to set the iLink output switch correctly. This camcorder is only 480p, 720p or 480i. First screenshot is from the manual pg 21.

post-49-042753200 1283520162.jpg

post-49-024056700 1283520634.jpg

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