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New Zealand Earthquake

Willard M

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Not yet. Highlander, who lives on the North Island is trying to reach him and I left a message on his answer machine. It's most likely a power outage but someone will pass on news as soon as we hear anything.

Thanks for asking. I'm sure he will be glad to know you asked.

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I got the following from Brendon,


Hi Willard,


Thanks very much for your concern. It was a very big quake, and very terrifying.


I'm pleased to be able to say there were no injuries and only relatively minor property damage

around my immediate family. My brother's house was very badly damaged, as were a lot of buildings

in the city. Water and sewerage are still compromised, but the power and phone just came back on in

our area so I'm reading the email while they're still working.


Thanks again,


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