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Share Video Option Does Not Work.



On the menu page I go to Video/Movies--Enjoy--and click Share video. The following message comes up:


post-84114-097427900 1283610364.jpg

Then I click ok and the next message comes up:


post-84114-003580900 1283610456.jpg


Some of the text is in Finnish language.


Roxio customer care(like with so many other companies) was not a pleasant experience. Sometimes it seems that those people don't know about making a software or have never used it themselves.

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I found one way to solve the problem. Maybe this can help somebody else.


Repairing and reinstalling did not help. Installation always created corrupted file(klanguagefi.xml)


I went to the folder(HTML) where the klanguagefi.xml file is. The folder looks like this:


post-84114-012114800 1284792283.jpg


I noticed the klanguagefi.xml file was missing content compared to klanguageen.xml, for example. So, I opened the klanguageen.xml file in Openoffice swriter program and copied the content. After that I opened klanguagefi.xml with the same program and pasted the content from klanguageen.xml to the klanguagefi.xml file after deleting all the content in klanguagefi.xml.


Then I saved the klanguagefi.xml back to the original location (HTML).


After that I was happy to notice that the Share Video button works for the first time.

The Share Video option wants to upload video only to Youtube. Is it the same with your programs or did I mess something with my experiments?

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