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Dvd Playback Problems



I have a new Dell XPS Studion Desktop running Windows 7, with all the latest drivers.

My DVD player is TSSTcorpDVD+-RW TS-H653G

I use Roxio Creator 2010 Pro

I created videos using the Videowave and then I used MyDVD to create the DVD.

The DVD has an introduction video and 7 video movies

I burned the first DVD using a Sony blank DVD-R Ver. 2.0/1X-8X. The burning of the 1st Sony DVD worked fine and so did the playback.

I realized that I did some mistakes in the video-scenes and I modified some video scenes. The burning of the 2nd Sony DVD worked fine and so did the playback.

Again I wanted to make some further improvements and I mofified some videos. I run out of Sony Blank DVDs and I purchased Verbatim DVD-R 16X blanks.

The 1st Verbatim DVD was burned and completed with no problems, but during the playback on a 3 year-old Pioneer DVD player one scene in one of the video-movies was freezing for few seconds and then continued to play.

I burned a 2nd Verbatim DVD which was burned and completed with no problems, but during the playback on the same Pioneer DVD player the video on introduction and one another video-movie is not displayed while the sound is there... I get a white screen only and sound.

To ensure no other programs may affect the burning, I closed all other running programs and I burned a 3rd Verbatim DVD , the burning was complete with no problems. But during the playback on the Pioneer DVD player one scene in a different video-movies was freezing and the play was stopping.

I tried another DVD burn and had similar problems ... The DVD playback on the computer DVD seem to play ok, but not on the Pionner DVD player. I tried one DVD that where a scene was freezing and stopping on an 10 y/o Toshiba DVD player and there the freezed scene unfroze within few seconds and kept playing.

Lastly i used and older Sony DVD-R 1X-4X. The DVD players could not read that DVD at all....eventhough the burning was completed without any problems


Do you have any ideas ?


I appreciate any help



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When you go to burn select to burn (encode) to an ISO file (one of the three burn options). Make sure you name it and select where on your hard drive you want it.


Download the free VLC player; it will play the ISO file just as if it were on a disc. If it looks OK then use the application to burn the ISO to a disc (not copy). If the disc doesn't play correctly then there is something wrong with your discs or the players.


If you are trying to put more than 2 hours on one DVD, you may get screwed up burns regardless of how you burn the disc. For best results, keep the time down to 1 -1 1/2 hours.

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To me it sounds as your Pioneer player doesn't like either the Verbatim brand or DVD-R discs in general..Are you sure your Pioneer can playback DVD-R discs? Some machines only playback DVD+R type discs. Other only like certain brands best even if you purchased the recommended format....


Your old Toshiba playing past the glitch sounds familiar to me, I also have an old one that only handles DVD-Rs and won't playback DVD+Rs. I believe Toshiba did this since they are part of the DVD-R developers group.


My old RCA DVD recorder can only handle DVD+Rs, experimenting I've used some Memorex DVD-R on it that worked but other DVD-R brands don't.. you may have to experiment like I did with different brands and see which one works best on the Pioneer, I'm not sure if you also played back on your Pioneer the first Sony discs you made,if you did, maybe you should stick with the same Sony brand.


Apparently newer DVD players can play any format now, especially Blu players...

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