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Burning Blu-Ray Data Discs-Errors



Hi all- wondering if anyone else is getting errors. I disconnect from internet, quit all apps. Using Lacie 12x Blu-Ray burner via firewire with Verbatim 25 gig 6x blanks. This was the bundled Toast 10 with the plug-in that came with the burner. Burns almost to the end, but then I get these errors (attached). I am burning at 6x and sometimes 4x just to be safe, and they are just DATA burns, Mac & PC setting. Odd because it was working before a couple of weeks ago with the same brand of disc- but this is a new batch. Could it be defective discs? Anyone with insight on the error codes? The data is being read from a GLYPH pro raid unit via fire wire 800 port to the MacBook Pro, and the burner is connected via fire wire 400. I am running Snow Leopard by the way. Please help!

Thank you!


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