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Menu Button-Subpicture Confusion



I am working with the option to delay the start of the subpicture on an opening motion menu. I have found that this will only work if I first set the button opacity to 0. I can then go into the menu attributes and edit the color set to bring color back into the button. The normal color will be at 0. (I think that is because I set the opacity to 0.) I can increase the color on the normal color option and the delay works fine. But if I try the delay without first setting the opacity to 0 the button is on the screen from the beginning. I am confused and curious as to why it won't work unless I first set the opacity to 0. Can anyone offer an easy to understand explanation as to what is happening and why. I probably don't understand the relationship between menu, button, and subpictures and how they work together. Thanks.

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