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Locking Up



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Its happened to many times. I spend all the time putting together and at the end it locks up cant do anything but delete out of it. roxio 9 It make me sick to spend all the time then it freezes up. I add my pics first then the music after. Thanks for any help. RJ


Which computer? What are the specs. What else are you running at the same time?


Are you complaining about EASY MEDIA CREATOR 9 OR ROXIO CREATOR 2009?

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Creator 09 I had it on 2 computers if it mattered I took it off both reinstalling on my Dell Studio 17 Vista running virus protection and the normal items


What anti-virus? Make sure it is not scanning everything that is being written to your computer while you are video editing/encoding.


What is normal for you is probably not normal for someone who does a lot of video editing/encoding -e-mail, browsers, etc. all take CPU time and can cause problems. Poor computer maintenance is also a drag - how much free space on your hard drive? When did you last defrag it? When did you last clean it up from tmp and TEMP files.


Dell Studio 17 is like saying you have a Ford. I didn't look but I bet that there is more than one configuration for a Studio 17.


Why didn't you just tell us about the model number with the CPU information and more particulars? You are not being charged by the word and we can look over your shoulder. Please don't make us drag the information from you. :angry2:


Oh yes, don't use any DRM protected music (Itunes or the like) and for best preformance use only wav audio files.

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Im thinking about upgrading to windows 7 what do you think about that .

Windows 7 is a nice operating system if your computer can handle it. It took over 700 MB of memory on mine just to load the O.S., and a lot of my most useful software won't run no more.


You won't be able to run Creator 2009 in Windows 7, it's not compatible. You would need Creator 2010 or Creator 2011.

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