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Burning Audio Cds



Has anyone been successful in burning an AUDIO CD where the Audio Tags end up on the CD? They seem to come through when a MUSIC CD is created (MP3). But when the Roxio Music Disc Creator project type is set to AUDIO CD, the tags don't make it to the CD. Everything shows up as unknown album, unknown artist, etc.


I'm running Roxio 2010 under Windows 7.


Suggestions would be appreciated.

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When you're playing back the CD and see the Unknown's what are you using as player?


Audio CD's don't use tags like MP3's do.


When you see a list of tracks come up in a player what you're usually seeing is an online database displaying the list of tracks.

When you burn a cd of various tracks no online database will have that info,hence no album info.


If you burn a Cd adding Cd Text then you will probably see the info as long as the player you're using displays said info.

Windows Media Player does not natively display that info.

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