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Burning Cd's



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You would have to tell us what you did and how you did it before we could tell you where you went wrong.


Could you have ripped it to an audio file [WAV or MP3] and then dropped the file onto a data disc?

Put the disc in your drive and open it in My Computer. Tell us if you see any files on it?

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First I made a file folder in My Documents to put the songs in that I Rip...Next i went in Roxio "Music-Audio" then into "Rip" and took off the "X's" on the songs that I did not want to Rip. I hit the "Browse" button on the "Destination" drop-down and went to my music folder and then clicked on green button with the arrow in it. When the project was completed successfully I checked "Finish".


Next - I went back to "Music-Audio and clicked on "Create" - "Burn MP3 CDs and I then clicked on the Green + add button, then "File", found my music folder, found the song & clicked on it, (filling in the "File Name") & clicked on "Open" (which put the song in the window). I put a new CD-R disc in the Destination Drive & clicked on the green button with the arrow. When I got the message "Your Project was completely successful, my destination drive opened, I then closed it with the CD in it and clicked on the "Finish" button. A window then opened that said - "Run Launched.exe & I played the song.


The song played fine on the computer. I took the CD to another CD player and tried to play it. It acted like it was playing the music and it was counting, but there was no sound.


Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.


Thanks for your help.

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Next - I went back to "Music-Audio and clicked on "Create" - "Burn MP3 CDs and I then clicked on the Green + add button,


Hi Smokeyjoe,


I think that's the problem. For a CD that will play music on any CD/DVD player you need to make an AUDIO disc. This is a special type of CD which doesn't have visible files on it, but just audio tracks.


What you've selected is to make an MP3 disc, which is a type of data disc with MP3 files stored on it. MP3 discs will only play on computers or set-top players which have been designed to play both MP3s and standard AUDIO CDs. They're handy, and you can squeeze a lot more music onto one, but they don't play in ALL CD players.


Go back to Creator 2010 and see if you can find the selection to burn a straight AUDIO disc. You can still feed your MP3 files into that menu, but they'll be expanded and written as audio tracks.


Please pop back here if you need more information on how to do this.




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