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Retrieving Files Spanned Over 4 Disc's With Roxio Disk Creator Sp4

Troy Meuth

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Used the program to compress and save files which spanned 4 DVD's. Upon retrieving the files, I could see the folder structure and the files but could only open a small percentage of the files. I would imagine the files I could open were the ones saved on the file structure disc and the errors I am getting are: Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination file could not be created and when trying to extract all of the files the below error message was received. The original files are no longer available so all I have are the 4 discs.



What Operating System you are currently using

Windows Vista home Premium but used XP Professional to create


If you were working on a project, describe what kind of project.

Backing up my files


What kinds of files were you using and where did you get them?

Normal windows files and taken off my work computer


Exact version of the software

Roxio Disk creator SP4


Did you make any changes to your computer recently? (new applications, updates, etc)


This is Roxio's Response

Dear Troy,

Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care.

After reviewing your notes, I understand that were trying to retrieve 4 discs using your Roxio Disc Creator 6 but you were getting an error message that a destination file cannot be created and you were also getting an error code 0x000804005.

I would like to inform you that your Roxio Disc Creator 6 program is considered a "legacy" applications and is no longer supported by our Technical Support. To continue receiving phone and e-mail technical support, please upgrade to the most recent version of your product through the Roxio Upgrade Center or call our Inside Sales Team at 1-877-500-0811(Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., EST - excluding Roxio holidays).


Could somebody please help - it is very apparent Roxio has washed their hands of this issue.

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You'll need access to a computer running XP to extract the data - earlier versions failed with anything higher than IE6 and WMP9 (Vista uses IE7 and WMP 10).


There are also other compatability problems - you really need to extract to the original OS

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