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Upload Audio Files To Website



Windows 7/ Roxio 10.3

I have audio files up to 400meg that need to be uploaded to our web site. These .wav files are located on my hard drive. I'm interested in using Roxio10.3 to convert to a smaller .mp3 format and saving room on our web site’s archived programs area. I’m finding the easy CD burning not so easy to perform this function. Is Roxio 10.3 able to do this function?

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Which "Roxio 10.3" do you have?


Easy Media Creator 10.3 OEM, aka Creator 10.3DE, LE, etc, or

Easy CD and DVD Burning (in red box) Win 7 Compatible?


Both of these have severely reduced capabilities from the parent suite, Easy Media Creator 10 from 2007, but Dell for example has specified what abilities they want left in their version.

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