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"after Playing" Setting Greyed Out



I am creating a Blu-Ray 25GB disc project compiling a whole lot of AVCHD clips shot with a Sony Handycam. The source video is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 1920x1080/60i. I am only using MyDVD for this project (not Videowave). I selected the HD Jungle theme menu and I have only renamed a few text buttons. To build the titles, I clicked Add New Movie, then selected about 20 AVCHD files for each movie, and clicked import as one movie. I did this for a total of 9 movies, creating three menu screens.


I want the movies to play all the way to the end of the 9th movie, no matter which movie I click on in the menus. Right now, the movies only play one at a time, then return to the menu screen.


When I click on the movie titles, and view settings, the "After Playing" drop down box is greyed out. See screen shot here:



Also, when I go to Project Settings, the "Movie Buttons" options are greyed out. See screen shot here:



How can I change the movie file settings to play to the end of the project?


Also, what video quality setting will reduce my render time to the shortest possible? I tried burning this project once before (using Videowave project files) by selecting "Same As Original," and the render took two days. Isn't there a way to force Creator to uses the original file settings without re-rendering? FYI, I turned off "Roxio AVC Smart Encode" because it caused my system to crash during rendering.



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Doesn't 2010 require SP3 for an XP install?


It won't change the menus for BD or AVCHD but it might make things run smoother ;)


I have SP3 installed. My menu problem must not be a function of the blu-ray format, because I just switched to (another program) and everything works fine, including the menues. No crashes. And, hardware encoding works too. My blue-ray project that took two days to burn in Creator 2010 now takes 3 hours in (the other program on my Computer).


Thanks for your help guys!


Edited to remove the reference to the other program since most people would be looking for an answer for the Roxio program and not a sales pitch for a different one.


The experience on your computer is realated to your computer and your installation (good or bad) and does not necessarily relate to performance on other computers or proper installations. No. I don't work for Roxio.

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