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Wont Read Install Cd ?





I bought easy VHS TO DVD yesterday REV: E. I'm running a WIN 7 and a plextor dvd player/writer.

The CD will not read, Even tried to install in safe mode. all i get in safemode is an I/O error,so i tried other cd's.they all work.


I cant say I'm too happy by now uninstalled nero uninstalled frameworks...


Can someone help me out?


PS the cd clean!

cant try the compatibility option because i do not know if the cd has a setup or install.exe on it and i can not browse to it.


lost for words, disappointed....


thank you.




(bad news travels fast)

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scan came up with this:


CD/DVD Reading and Writing Publisher details

Issues found

Media in CD/DVD drive is not readable (PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A ATA Device)

Media in CD/DVD drive is not readable (PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A ATA Device)

The drive is empty or the media format is not supported

Not fixed





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No, the disc is probably OK...


Look at the report you posted. The drive itself is the problem. :(


cdanteek is much better than I with hardware and may have a suggestion or 2 when he logs on today...




If it was the hardware aka the plaxtor itwouldnot be play ing all my cd's including win7 installs and so on.

post-87436-051965700 1284374541.jpg

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See if it can be read on another machine.


If it can't, contact the vendor and ask for a replacement, or else if you got it from Roxio direct, ask them for a refund.





I found this in Windowslogsunder setups: System


- Provider


[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-WUSA

[ Guid] {09608C12-C1DA-4104-A6FE-B959CF57560A}


EventID 3


Version 0


Level 2


Task 0


Opcode 0


Keywords 0x8000000000000000


- TimeCreated


[ SystemTime] 2010-09-13T07:16:04.485351500Z


EventRecordID 393




- Execution


[ ProcessID] 2240

[ ThreadID] 1000


Channel Setup


Computer InSane-PC


- Security


[ UserID] S-1-5-21-2752640651-1192112345-658141640-1000



- EventData



ErrorCode 2149842967


CommandLine "C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe" "C:\Program Files\Roxio\Video Capture USB\Windows6.0-KB933262-v2-x86.msu"



the CD works on my laptop WinXP


so how do i get this to run in win/????


I find this rather odd



thank you

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Attached here if prove that it is not the Rom drive.


as you can see i can browse every cd i got here ,i just can't browse or open the setup cd from roxio on windows 7.

as stated before the cd works on XP but not on win 7.


I ask why? does anyone got a clue?


i know it ain't my hardware :(


Fist image: roxio cd no load no software no go.

post-87436-027345500 1284379428.jpg

post-87436-036004200 1284379456.jpg

post-87436-013297900 1284379487.jpg

post-87436-095513600 1284379528.png

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the CD works on my laptop WinXP


Vee, the installation disc is a DVD not a CD.


The PX 712 is a old single layer DVD/CD Reader/Writer.


The DVD part of the drive could be/has failed.


Plextor has tools built into the drive and firmware to check if it's working properly or not, read your manual.


Have you tried using the BD- Rom Drive (Pic in post 5) and see it it will read the disc for the installation?

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