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Encrypting Video



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Can you please provide the link to that write-up on Creator 2011 regarding that encyption feature you mentioned above?


I haven't tested it but it doesn't sound like it works with video?


Protect your discs with encryption


Roxio Secure Burn™ lets you drag and drop files for burning or copying directly from the desktop, then secure data with powerful encryption and passwords.



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The encryption is designed to work for data discs, but you can make and encrypt a Video disc with Creator Classic using the standard 'sidestep'. Rename your VIDEO_TS folder before selecting it in Creator Classic, and then rename it to VIDEO_TS before burning it.


HOWEVER that won't get you anywhere, since your video files are encrypted and can't be played on either a set-top player or in a computer drive.


post-208-012689800 1284420964.jpg


To decrypt these files you have to run an application called Launch_Retrieve.exe which is written into the root of the encrypted disc. You are then prompted to enter the password, and can copy the files off the disc with Roxio Retrieve.


post-208-067963600 1284421147.jpg




To summarize, files can be burned onto an encrypted disc with Creator13 [Creator Classic in C2011], but they can only be recovered with Roxio Retrieve so you can't play an encrypted video disc.




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