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Photosuite 13 Crashing



I am also having the problem of Photosuite 13 crashing upon trying to run. Roxio tech support has run me through the (obvious, scripted, Tier 1, we-tell-everyone-this-without-even-trying-to-solve-your-issue) process of updating audio/video drivers, both of which were already current. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, that did not work, but I'm guessing that it did not fully ininstall I tried to remove any references to the app in the registry, filesystem, etc.).


I saw an application refered to earlier in the thread that looks like it is designed to remove all traces of the application - I guess that is my next step. If that fails, I'll be returning the product for a refund. I've already spent far too much time on this (I only bought this program 3 days ago).


Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit BTW.

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