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Can I Create An Enhanced Dvd With Roxio 2011?





I need to create an Enhanced DVD for my band's EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that we will send to agents. It must contain video, audio, pictures and downloadable files (PDFs).


Since we don't know each agents platform requirements I need the DVD to be able to run on:

  • DVD players to watch the videos. (If they can listen to audio and view pictures on the DVD player too, that would be great).
  • Windows PCs to watch the videos, listen to audio, view pictures and download files such as PDFs.
  • Macs (OSX) to watch the videos, listen to audio, view pictures and download files such as PDFs.


The download files are not an option. I need to provide agents with contracts, bios, and riders along with all the media.


Can Roxio Creator 2011 do all this for me?



Chris of UZoo - The Ultimate U2 Tribute Band Experience


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Technically I don’t think there is such a thing as an “Enhanced DVD” but the answer is still YES!!!


When you burn from MyDVD select the Folder option.


Have your other data ready in another Folder or Folders. Then use Burn Data Disc.


Add the VIDEO_TS Folder you just created and your Data Folders to the project and Burn!


Don’t worry about settings as Burn Data Disc will see the VIDEO_TS folder and know what to do!


Big plus, it can also be done with BD and AVCHD Projects :D


Give it a try on RW and post back with your results. ;)

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Thanks for your your reply!


I have not purchased the software yet. I wanted to make sure this could be done before purchasing it.


Two last questions (I think)...


  • Can the same DVD that runs Windows also run on OS X, or does a desperate DVD need to be created?
  • Can I create menu options for the downloads, so when inserted into a PC or Mac, the agents have easy access to he downloadable files? Or do they have to search around the DVD folders to find the files?



Chris of UZoo

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Don't know about OS X, it is such a small portion of the computing world... I test mine on 2 BD Players and a DVD Player but no MAC's around to try. Of Note - I left them Open and can append the Data portion at will.


You might be able to??? What are you using now to do that? If you could put a really short one on download site, I would be happy to try it!

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Hi Jim,


Right now I have a DVD that has a stripped down version of our website. Also on the DVD is a standalone version of the Google Chrome browser.


The DVD uses Windows Autorun feature. The DVD autoruns and loads the home page in the Chrome browser and the EPK is displayed.


Nice and simple and works great... but only on Windows...


There are agents that just view videos on a DVD player and some that have Mac. So my current solution fails there.



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No idea as far a MAC… I will ask my nephew, he has gone over to the dark side :(


One thing to keep in mind is you do have a short period after purchase to return the product…


A thought – if you make it strictly a DVD Movie without the fluff, you would be compatible with all of them :o I have received some sales DVD’s from high end players like EDS and Siemens and they didn’t bother with anything but a DVD Movie. just a thought…


On the other hand, I like your non-standard approach! It never hurts to press forward :)


Let me do some more tinkering ;)

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